Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sporting Glory or just sprains and strains?

If the recent football frenzy, or Murray mania didn’t totally take you over, maybe the extensive press coverage of the World Cup and Wimbledon will have inspired some of you to try your hand at a sporting activity. 

For those of you who are already heading to the nearest playing field or local tennis courts in anticipation of becoming the next Maradona or Federer, we have put together a basic list to help you to cope with any sprains and strains which you may encounter on your way to winning glory! 

§ Arnica – eases bruising and soreness
§ Bryonia – useful for torn/damaged ligaments or tendons, especially if
the least movement is excruciating
§ Ledum – if injury is purple and feels cold to touch
§ Rhus tox – helpful for muscle strain, worse on first movement, better for
continued movement, better for warmth
§ Ruta – particularly good for tennis elbow, use when bones feel bruised

In addition to the above remedies, the pain of sprains may either be eased by hot baths and applying warmth to the vulnerable area, or the opposite, by the application of an ice pack to reduce swelling. Resting the muscles and tendons may also prove helpful whilst firm bandaging can alleviate the pain of dislocation.

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to play your sport, and not being able to do so. Let homeopathy get you back in action quicker!

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