Monday, 31 October 2011

Healthy Medicine (2)

Homeopathy - so safe - so effective - so inexpensive. It is a gift! And contained herein, our weekly newsletter gives some examples as to why this is.

Here is why one nurse decided to become a homeopath. Her story can be repeated many times over; and it all has to do with the discovery that homeopathy is, indeed, a gift.

The Royal Families of Europe, especially the UK family, have certainly appreciated the gift of homeopathy. This article shows how Royalty throughout Europe have benefitted, and the conditions they have been treated for.

And so, if would appear, do the people of India. George Vithoulkas describes here the stunning growth of homeopathy on this sub-continent.

Homeopathy really is timeless, and without limit - as this article suggests. Something of the history of homeopathy here.

Homeopathy and the treatment of Illness

Rhinitis - and how to cope with it. There are URLs to 4 different sites that deal with the subject here.

Alopecia and baldness. Usually we are told, or we assume, that nothing can be done for this condition. But there are remedies that can help, as this article suggests - and describes some of the remedies.

If you suffer from insomnia, you don't be tired all the time. This article suggests how homeopathy might help, including some useful remedy descriptions.

Homeopathy and your eyes. There are 10 remedy descriptions in this useful article.

Sciatica and Homeopathy relief. Sciatica can be very painful, and whilst ConMed can only offer temporary pain relief, homeopathy offers so much more than this.

Homeopathy is very safe. And it is possible to take a remedy if the description of that remedy appears to closely match your symptoms. But despite this it is always better to refer yourself to a qualified homeopath so that the selection of remedy to match your condtion can be made more accurately.
If you are looking for a homeopath who lives near you click on this page to do a search.

Some Homeopathy Remedies

The use, and over-use of Arnica. Arnica is perhaps the most well-known remedy available through homeopathy. It's value in bruising, trauma and shock, have been known for over 200 years. Click here for another view.

Oscillocochinum - a remedy for flu. This is the remedy I, and my family, take to ward off flu during the winter period. It is an excellent remedy.

And gardeners, how about this remedy - for your plants? The remedy Silica has many uses both for plants, and the soils they grow in. I recently brought an Olive tree back to life after our hard winter - with Carbo Veg - so I know how effective homeopathy is with plants.

Steve Scrutton

The inclusion of articles in this newsletter does not mean that the contents necessarily reflect the policy of the ARH.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Healthy Medicine (1)

First of all, my apologies to the hundreds of people who have subscribed to Homeopathy Post, over the last 4-5 months. The host site proved to be extremely unreliable in picking up the articles that I highlighted for publication, and last week, it failed to pick up any of the 25-30 articles I had selected. This is our new host website, and you can subscribe to this forum by clicking on 'Join this site' to the right of this text.

This is the first of what will be a weekly selection of articles from the internet about what is happening within the wonder world of homeopathy.

Homeopathy and the Quantum World
Homeopathy has been under attack by a group of people who call themselves 'skeptics', but who we call 'denialists'' - because they do nothing but deny the safety and effectiveness of homeopathy. This article is the experience on one 'convert' to homeopathy, and his view of the denialists. It is an excellent article and I recommend that you read it.

The Rejection of Alternative Medicine is 'unscientific'
But don't worry about attacks on homeopathy. This article tells why ConMed is attacking all non-drug therapies - without any scientific backing. As it says, "the mainstream medical establishment's rejection of alternative healing flies in the face of hundreds, or even thousands of years of history, but it also flies in the face of good science".

Peter Hain - a homeopathy supporter
A remarkable politician, who discovered homeopathy when his son had eczema. ConMed treatment did not work. Homeopathy did. Peter Hain commissioned a project on homeopathy when he was Northern Ireland Secretary. It was a remarkably successful project. Doctors liked it. Patients liked it. And the report is now collecting dust in the Department of Health.

The long term impact of homeopathy treatment
ConMed drug treatment lasts just a few hours before having to take another noxious pill. So what are the long-term effects of homeopathy? This study finds that 'disease severity decreased significantly'; and that 'physical and mental quality of life scores also increased significantly.

Homeopathy and Weight Loss (Obesity)
An article looking at the reasons for obesity, and detailing some remedies that can be helpful for patients who want to lose weight.

Homeopathy worked for me. A case of Sciatica
Watch this video, describing how homeopathy cured a case of Sciatica. This is one of a series of short videos on U-Tube on this theme.

And click here if you would like to see a wider appraisal of how homeopathy can help to treat Sciatica.

Homeopathy and Constipation
Natural remedies for constipation can be found in this article.

Homeopathy works for animals (and farmers) too
Farmers who use homeopathy for their animals have resented remarks, fairly ignorant but quite predictable remarks, made by MPs and others, about a grant to investigate the value of homeopathy in the treatment of animals. Note, their opposition is about trials to assess how effective homeopathy is - so these MPs, and other homeopathy denialists, are not sufficiently open-minded to want to know the truth!

Homeopathy for farms, gardens and plants
And homeopathy works for plants too. The author of this book advised me about an Olive Tree I had in my garden that appeared to have died; and after a dose of Carbo Veg, it is alive and kicking still.

The uses of Saccharum Officinale.
Not the most common remedy - but read about its value in treating Hypoglycaemia, ADHD, Obesity, and much else.

Steve Scrutton
Media Director
Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Are Homeopaths Health Professionals?

The critics of homeopathy don't think that homeopaths are medical experts. There are two reasons I am making this statement, and probably two responses (at least) to it.

The first reason concerns my complaint to the BBC about their awful Newsnight programme, broadcast on 4th January, 2011. It was a hatchet job on Homeopathy. Whilst pursuing that complaint it became clear to me that the BBC were using as part of their defence 'the weight of medical expertise' which, they said, approved of the programme content. My argument - that the medical debate had two sides, and that the BBC were using 'experts' from one side, met with deaf ears. Homeopaths were not medical experts. They did not have to balance 'our' views with the views of all the ConMed organisations that weighed in against homeopathic prophylaxis - because we were not experts.

The second reason is my current, ongoing skirmish with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The websites of many homeopaths breached the CAP Code because homeopaths, it has been decided, are not health professionals! Here is the gist of what the CAP Code says:

Marketers must not discourage essential treatment for conditions for which medical supervision should be sought. For example, they must not offer specific advice on, diagnosis of or treatment for such conditions unless that advice, diagnosis or treatment is conducted under the supervision of a suitably qualified health professional. Accurate and responsible general information about such conditions may, however, be offered.

Health professionals will be deemed suitably qualified only if they can provide suitable credentials; for example, evidence of: relevant professional expertise or qualifications; systems for regular review of members’ skills and competencies and suitable professional indemnity insurance covering all services provided; accreditation by a professional or regulatory body that has systems for dealing with complaints and taking disciplinary action and has registration based on minimum standards for training and qualifications.

And ASA, in their wisdom, is excluding homeopaths from this august body of Health Professionals!

So how should homeopaths respond? Clearly, we have to insist that we do have relevant professional expertise and qualifications, etc., because, quite simply, we do have them! If we allow this attack on our professionalism, our training, our qualifications to continue unopposed, we can continue to expect to be attacked when we say we can treat illness, cure disease, and keep people healthy.

Homeopathy must also respond more forcefully. The time when spokespersons can go on television and say that homeopathic prophylaxis is not recommended has to come to an end. Not only do we, as homeopaths, regularly treat illness, cure disease, and keep people healthy - we can do it (and have done it for over 200 years) more successfully than conventional medical professionals. Compared with anything ConMed practitioners can offer, our remedies are safer, more effective, and less expensive for patients.

If the constant, largely ignorant criticism of homeopathy over the past few year is going to achieve anything, it will be to demonstrate that the homeopathy profession has to stand up for itself, and not just defend what we are doing, but proclaim it from the mountain-tops!

Steve Scrutton
Professional Homeopath
Director, ARH