Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How to protect yourself from the sun through homeopathy

With the strawberries and cream season now upon us and the school holidays in full swing, chances are you may be exposing yourself to the sun over the coming months. 

Naturally, in order to prevent any ill-effects which the sun and heat may cause, we suggest that you drink regularly to keep yourself hydrated, only expose yourself to the sun for short periods at a time and protect yourself with sun cream, re-applying frequently, especially after swimming.

Despite these preventative measures, if you do happen to find yourself unwell due to the heat and sun that you have experienced, below are a few remedies which may be able to help. 

Please note, however, that these are only a guideline and so consult with a homeopath for a more specific course of action. 

Alternatively, if you do not have any remedies to hand and are suffering from sunburn, try applying cold tea, cool whole milk or plain yoghurt to the affected areas.
To relieve a throbbing headache from excess sun exposure and sunstroke try:

§Belladonna 30c
§Glonoinium 30c

To ease sun burn, gently rub the following creams into the areas which have been exposed and are irritating:

§Aloe Vera

The ARH would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday. 

This article first appeared in the ARH Newsletter, "Homeopathy Healthy Medicine".

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