Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How Homeopathy can help protect you against adder bites

The unseasonably warm spring and the current inclement weather has resulted in dog walkers and ramblers being warned to be on their guard against adders after the number of attacks has increased this year. 

The snake is not aggressive and usually only bites when alarmed or disturbed but there are still around 100 cases of adder bites reported in the UK each year. Their presence has been far more prolific this year, as they go out in the open to bask in the sun and subsequently come into contact with people and dogs.

About 70% of adder bites result in significant poisoning to cause damage, yet less than 20% of these cases die in the absence of treatment.

The symptoms include rapid swelling and pain at the point of entry, with gangrene and bruising around the bitten area with abnormal bleeding and collapse due to the physical shock being symptomatic. 

The average death time is forty-eight hours so it is essential you immediately seek medical assistance by visiting your local hospital or vet. 

Simultaneously, take Aconite and/or Rescue Remedy as soon as possible to alleviate the initial shock whilst either Vipera berus or Lachesis should help in the aftermath of an attack for the actual wound.

(The World Travellers’ Manual of Homeopathy by Dr Colin Lessell and Poisonous Snakes by Tony Phelps)

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