Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Homeopathy and Cancer - can it help our quality of life?

Over a period of 30 months, 639 patients took place in a study researching whether classical homeopathy can be of benefit to cancer patients in addition to conventional medication.

There were 259 participants from the homeopathic clinics and 380 from conventional clinics.
The majority of patients indicated, over the course of the study, that their Quality of Life (QoL) had improved due to the homeopathic treatment they were given. 

They, additionally, believed that their physical and mental fatigue symptoms had reduced. This suggests that classical homeopathic care could complement conventional cancer care to the benefit of patients.

The effects of homeopathy on the quality of life in cancer patients has been studied very rarely and, therefore, it would take considerably larger samples and further investigation in order to establish a definite correlation between these positive effects and homeopathic treatment.

Since homeopathy is, however, one of the most popular complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities for cancer patients in seven out of fourteen European countries, further research would be eminently suitable.

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