Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How Homeopathy cured my ear infection

As a child I suffered from repeated middle ear infections that were very painful. I eventually had a burst ear drum from an infection at about the age of 11. 

Unfortunately I continued to suffer from painful ear infections at intervals throughout my young adult life, until I discovered homeopathy in my early thirties. By this time, any approaching ear infection frightened me so much, because of the pain I knew was coming, that I would always rush to the GP for antibiotics.

Fortunately my homeopath was kind enough to understand this and treated me with homeopathy alongside antibiotics to begin with. I was treated constitutionally (an individualised therapy for my specific symptoms) in this dual fashion through 3 ear infections and I noticed straightaway that each subsequent infection was milder,
shorter in duration and not as painful as the last.

Finally I decided to manage future ear infections with only homeopathic treatment and paracetamol. This was the breakthrough and shows the wonder and  effectiveness of homeopathy.

After finally managing to deal with an ear infection using only homeopathic remedies, I have not suffered a single ear infection since.

Because of the excruciating pain I used to endure this was a huge relief. Naturally enough I became fascinated with homeopathy, took a short first aid course and then bought books and began to study the subject myself for use at home. 

My sister is now an experienced homeopath and after 20 years I am a pretty good amateur. With my sister’s help, homeopathy is the first port of call for any condition
in my family and we find it to be extremely effective. I have treated innumerable situations successfully with homeopathy - panic attacks in my autistic son, wasp
stings, emotional stresses from bereavement, croup when my son was a baby, teething problems, sore throats, headaches, colic, eczema, asthma, to name just a few. 

I also used homeopathy throughout my pregnancy and for the birth of my son at
home. I cannot praise homeopathy enough and I do not know what my family would do without it.

The ARH would like to thank Kim Quance from Sutton Coldfield for her enlightening and informative story.

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