Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fragrance Allergy and Homeopathy

“You could wear a plastic bubble on your head and an oxygen tank on your back!” The general practitioner laughed as he spoke these words to me. I had suffered, for at least five years, with a chronic struggle to breathe. 

At the acute stage I would gasp for breath; my eyelids would redden, burn, swell and
itch and I scratched until the skin bled. I had consulted several general practitioners who agreed the symptoms were an allergic reaction.

A patch test was performed: the application of various substances to the skin under adhesive tape then left in place for forty-eight hours and examined for response - inflammation indicating an allergic reaction. 

The diagnosis: allergy to fragrances.

I was advised: “stop wearing perfume and keep away from fragrances.”

I ceased wearing perfume but avoiding fragrances was impossible since many items in daily use have a fragrance: soap, shampoo, deodorant, washing powder, bleach - the list is endless. 

Our home was almost fragrance free but I became desensitised and fragrances in the
outside world were more noticeable.

One day at work I collapsed. A hint of polish spray, in another room, had been sufficient to take my breath and affect my eyes. 

A colleague had recently read a newspaper article on homeopathy. I made an appointment with a homoeopath and within days of beginning homoeopathic treatment my breathing was easier. My symptoms disappeared without return.

A cure – yes! 

I had been told: “nothing can be done” and “allergies are difficult to treat. Learn
to accept and live with the symptoms.”

Well, I didn’t have to live with the symptoms or wear a plastic bubble on my head and an oxygen tank on my back - thanks to homeopathy!

This article first appeared in the ARH Newsletter "Homeopathy Healthy Medicine".
The ARH would like to thank Anne Bagust for sharing her interesting story.

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