Friday, 1 February 2013

Homeopathy and Nosebleeds

Although nosebleeds are idiopathic, meaning there is often no identifiable cause, one in seven people will develop a nosebleed at some time in their lives. These can occur at all ages,although they are customary with children between 2 and10, and adults aged 50 to 80.

Nosebleeds tend to occur more often during the winter months and in dry, cold climates. This is because children are more likely to have colds during this period, and the subsequent nose blowing can often trigger a bleed. Moreover, the drying effect of central heating can cause irritation of the delicate mucous membrane which lines the nose. This then becomes inflamed, crusted or cracked and is much more likely to bleed.

Nosebleeds are generally harmless and stop of their own accord. If anyone in your family suffers, you are advised to tip their head forward, ensuring it is held up well above the level of the heart. Encourage  the patient to breathe through their mouth while you pinch the soft part of the nose, just below the bony part, whilst pressing the nose firmly towards the face. This position should be kept for five minutes or until the bleeding stops.

If the bleeding persists, try one of the following remedies: 

Arnica – re-absorbs the blood of nosebleeds resulting from an injury.

Phosphorous – an all-purpose haemorrhage remedy, particularly useful for persistent nosebleeds that pour without warning or reason

If the nosebleed continues for more than half an hour or so apply a cold pack of ice to the face continuing to pinch the nose whilst seeking medical advice from you local homeopath or your GP.. 

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