Friday, 1 February 2013

And now, to Detox

The Christmas baubles have been packed away in the loft for another year, the grandiose celebrations of the New Year have passed and many people are concentrating their time and energy on detoxing from fatty foods and alcohol, at the same time as attempting to return to the weight they were before the festive season began!

Our attention, however, should not only focus on reducing our body weight. We should also consider consuming foods which help prevent disease and maintain health. 

It has long been understood that a Mediterranean diet - rich in vegetables, fruit, fish and olive oil - is far better at combating heart disease, cancer and other chronic conditions than the processed food now occupying most of the Western shopping market aisles. 

The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, with this in mind, has looked at recent research into the foods we eat and the positive effects the consump- tion of same has upon our well-being. You will find, listed below, certain conditions alongside foods, which will help in the fight against these conditions, and which can consider adding to your regular diet.

Alzheimers Disease. Brussels sprouts, shellfish, apple juice, olive oil

Cancer.  Brussels sprouts, brocolli, seaweed, rhubarb

Diabetes (type 2). Grapefruit, pink grapefruit, black tea, blueberry juice

Heart problems - watermelon, eggs, oily fish, beetroot juice, dark chocolate, grapes, almonds, flaxseed

High Cholesterol - eggs, almonds, flaxseed 

Hypertension (Raised blood pressure). Watermelon, beetroot juice, dark chocolate, grapes

Prostate cancer.  Pomegranate Juice

Stress - walnuts, walnut oil, oily fish

If you would like to read a more detailed review of the findings and additional information about foods, please read the December 2010 issue of ‘What the Doctors Don’t Tell You’.

This article first appeared the Homeopathy Healthy Medicine newsletter in January 2010. The ARH offers this to all Homeopaths as a free newsletter.

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