Friday, 1 February 2013

Burns and Scalds. Homeopathy to the rescue

If you spent much of December in  the kitchen, preparing all the food for friends and family over the festive period, then you may have been unfortunate enough to burn yourself as you wrestled the weighty turkey out of the oven or checked the mince pies. 

Homeopathy can be very effective in treating minor burns or scalds by applying a variety of creams to the affected area. 

If the burn stings and is painful but has not blistered externally try rubbing Urtica, Calendula or Hypercal carefully on to the burnt skin immediately  after the burn occurs.

NB. Skin must be absolutely clean when using Calendula or Hypercal. If you only have the tincture of the above remedies: dilute one part tincture to ten parts water and apply frequently until the pain subsides. 

For more serious burns that have started to blister, take Cantharis 30c (in tablet form) hourly, remembering to drink plenty of liquid as the loss of body fluids through burnt skin causes dehydration.

Please note, however, that if the burn covers an extensive area of the body (5% or more), SEEK MEDICAL  ASSISTANCE AT ONCE, but whilst waiting for extra help, take Cantharis as 30c or Causticum 30c (tablet form) every 15 minutes.

The obvious physical ailment being treated is the burn but do not forget emotional shock can often play a large part in the event and, as a result, this may need to be addressed in addition to the burn.

There are two very effective homeopathic remedies for shock - Arnica and Aconite - which, if you are not sure which remedy is best indicated, can be taken in alternation with each other. Take one tablet of Arnica 30c in alternation with one tablet of Aconite 30c, every fifteen minutes for up to six doses. 

The Bach Rescue Remedy can also prove useful and this may be more readily accessible to you. Please note, if shock symptoms persist seek professional help without delay.

(Homeopathy for Common Ailments by Robin Hayfield)

This article first appeared the Homeopathy Healthy Medicine newsletter in January 2010. The ARH offers this to all Homeopaths as a free newsletter.

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