Friday, 1 February 2013

Are You Resisting Antibiotics this year?

Antibiotics have been life-savers, and reduced illness and suffering in the past. But, as with most conventional pharmaceutical drugs, they come with risks. There is, every winter, a seasonal increase in the number of antibiotics prescribed to the public.

The widespread use of such medication has contributed, over the past few decades, to the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria whereby short courses of antibiotics can leave normal gut bacteria harbouring drug-resistance genes for up to two years after treatment. 

It was previously believed that the impact of antibiotics was short-term and normal health would be restored several weeks after completing a course of antibiotics. 

But Swedish scientists have now confirmed otherwise. The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control states - “this could reduce the success of future antibiotic treatments and lead to new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria".

So, with this in mind, finding alternative ways to treat common ailments and illnesses will enable you to regain your health in a risk-free environment, whilst continuing to maintain a natural defence for any future illnesses. 

Homeopathy helps to stimulate the body’s healing response instead of causing imbalances through the use of antibiotics - an artificial medicine unable to differentiate between friend and foe in the bacteria within the body.

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This article first appeared the Homeopathy Healthy Medicine newsletter in January 2010. The ARH offers this to all Homeopaths as a free newsletter.

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