Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tree Pollen and Hay Fever strikes again?

The season of Spring is barely upon us, with only a peppering of crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils around, but it seems that tree pollen is in full force as the hay fever season kicks in.

Hay fever is an allergy caused by a weakened immune system, which results in an irritation to the nose and eyes. It is seen as an extremely obstinate ailment to treat, a permanent cure depends on raising the quality of the immune system.

Homeopathy may help to treat the allergy by strengthening the immune system through individualised constitutional treatment, although it may take several seasons to eradicate the
problem fully. In the short-term, however, the discomfort may be reduced by using a number of different remedies including:

§ Allium Cepa 30C – dripping nose with burning discharge; violent sneezing; stinging, watery eyes

§ Arsenicum Album 30C – sneezing because of tickling feeling in nose; burning sensation in eyes, nose and throat; discharges may be acrid

§ Euphrasia 30c – eyes the biggest problem: itchy and dry eyes, burning discharge. Tickling cough; intense sneezing; runny nose with bland discharge

§ Pulsatilla 30C – bland watery nose and eyes; eyes itch and feel gritty, and may produce yellowy discharge; lots of sneezing; worse in the heat

§ Sabadilla 30c – constant , maddening tingling in nose; burning and redness of eyes; sneezing provokes tears; eyes water and burn

The main cause of hay fever in early spring is tree pollen and therefore a homeopathic
‘Tree Pollen Mix’, available from most homeopathic pharmacies, can be helpful. It is always best to discuss your specific requirements with a registered homeopath since a susceptibility to hay
fever suggests a deeper underlying cause requiring individualised treatment.

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