Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Still suffering from a common cold? How Homeopathy can help

We could be forgiven for thinking, with each day becoming longer and signs of life slowly appearing in the garden, that the days of winter are behind us and the worries of a cold emerging are long gone. However, the sudden changes in temperatures which often occur in March and April, following the long, bleak winter months, can result in us falling ill with a cold at the last hurdle!

There is little point in treating an ordinary cold; it is best to let it take its course and to view it as a useful way to “clean out” the system. If, however, the frequency of annual colds is more than a couple, it is advisable to contact a homeopath to help build up your immune system for the future.

If, additionally, you see no signs of improvement after a few days of catching a cold and are still feeling run down, then the following remedies may help. Please note that for more individualised treatment, it is recommended that you consult with a registered homeopath.

Aconite – use at beginning of illness; when illness strikes suddenly particularly at night; chill caused by exposure to cold, dry winds; you have fever and are thirsty and sweaty, especially on covered parts; dry painful cough

Allium cepa – runny nose with burning discharge; runny eyes

Arsenicum –cold begins in nose which produces thin, watery, burning discharge, you sneeze a lot and cold often moves to chest; you feel chilly and restless but enjoy sips of water

Belladonna – high fever, red face and burning, skin is dry but you are not usually thirsty, head almost always hurts with a throbbing pain

Bryonia – symptoms are slow to develop, you feel irritable and wish to be left alone and still, feel better for large amounts of cold water, remedy works best once the cold has moved to the chest
producing a painful, dry cough

Eupatorium – remedy of choice if the flu has gone to your bones which ache, you are very thirsty and feel better for sweating, although this does not help with your headache

Gelsemium – you shake and shiver, symptoms develop slowly, you feel tired and weak and your body and muscles feel heavy. You may have a headache at the back of your head. You feel ‘fluey’.
(Homeopathy for Common Ailments by Robin Hayfield)

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