Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Homeopathy saves Show Jumper from Tendon Surgery

Animal injuries are commonplace although, when they appear among working animals, the repercussions involved are heavily increased and the resultant situation more severe.

So when Todd, a part bred Hanoverian show jumper, had an accident which led him to have a thorn embedded in his lower leg, his owner and trainer naturally became very concerned. The horse's leg began to swell and scanning confirmed the thorn was interfering with Todd’s tendon.

Following regular scans every two to three days, the swelling showed no signs of abating, and the only option available, was surgery. Liz Morrison, Todd’s owner, was fiercely against this idea and decided to contact her local homeopathic vet. The thorn had become engulfed in a cavity, as the
body reacted to the foreign body, trying to isolate it by healing around the thorn, so the vet, Nick, prepared a homeopathic remedy which included high potency Sulphur and low potency Silica.

The swelling subsided almost immediately and by the next scan, three days later, the thorn had completely vanished and the cavity had considerably reduced in size and was healing. In discussing the situation, Liz Morrison said, 

“I think it is amazing that the homeopathic remedy eradicated the thorn so quickly; I am so grateful Todd didn’t need surgery and made a full recovery.” 

As a result of this experience, Liz has used homeopathic treatment on several of her horses
with considerable success. Because homeopathy can help to promote gentle yet deep healing, Liz
encourages other animal owners to try it out themselves.

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