Saturday, 21 December 2013

Homeopathy for Christmas

Christmas is nearly here so I thought I would pass on some remedy tips in rhyme to keep you all in good spirits throughout the festive season.

Homeopathy for Christmas 

Leading up to Christmas my homeopathic remedy supply I should check
To keep my friends and family well so they don’t all end up a wreck

The shopping is done, presents wrapped, it is always so much of a rush
When I am in need of a power nap, I will thank goodness for Phosphorus

Definitely need to have some Gelsemium for the fear and anticipation
That food and presents will be well received; it helps allay my agitation

Aconite, the trusted friend when eyes can’t bear the light
For a dry sore throat and hoarse cough that is worse at midnight

Arnica for those bumps and bruises caused by kids falling over toys
Or when muscles ache or my head hurts by listening to all that noise

Little Alice always eats too many sweets and ends up with the squits
I’d better make sure that in my remedy box, I have some Arg Nit

Turkey dinner and Christmas pudding can wreak havoc with the digestion
For all that flatulence and burping Carbo Veg will be my suggestion

She knows it gives her a headache but Patty still craves rich food
She will whinge and whine at anything, Pulsatilla will lift her mood

Greedy Glen drinks too much until it makes him feel sick
Nux Vomica will be close at hand to sort him out real quick

Restless Ron needs some Rhus Tox for his rheumatic pain
It stops him from complaining and the family are happy again

Just in case it’s needed for dear cousin Annabelle
To soothe her jealous disposition I have some Apis Mel

Irene is missing her boyfriend he’s gone travelling to Malaysia
To help her enjoy herself while he’s away she is taking some Ignatia

Hypersensitive Hilary with teenage acne always seems to sulk
To clear her skin and put a smile on her face she needs Hepar Sulph

The festivities have tired me out now back to work I must go
Some Kali Phos will restore my energy and give me a healthy glow

© June Sayer 2013

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