Monday, 23 December 2013

Homeopathy for Christmas (2)

Try singing or humming this along to the tune of Jingle Bells - another fun rhyme for Winter colds and chills - enjoy

Homeopathy (to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Winter time is here again
Bringing colds and chills
You can treat it naturally
Using homeopathic pills

If you catch the flu
And your bones do ache
Eupatorium Perfoliatum
Is the remedy you should take

When you lose your voice
You really have no choice
Phosphorus is the remedy name
That will let you sing again

Your tongue resembles a map
And your nose runs like a tap
Here’s a little friendly tip
Natrum Mur will stop the drip

Shivers up and down the spine
So you want to lay supine
Gelsemium is the one to meet
Gets you back up on your feet

When your temperature is high
And you think you’re going to die
Belladonna will bring it down
And alleviate your frown

It’s like a splinter in your throat
And you voice it has a croak
Nit Ac will relieve the pain
So you are happy again

A few well-known remedies
To help you feel at ease
Homeopathy is the medicine of choice
Of its benefits please rejoice

Now it’s time to say
I hope you’ll find a way
To use these homeopathic remedies
When you are ill at ease

© June Sayer 2013

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