Monday, 26 November 2012

Teething? Homeopathy can help.

How homeopathy can help with teething

There is nothing more exasperating and distressing, as any parent will know, than watching your young baby in pain because their teeth are beginning to grow through their gums. Parents feel helpless, the baby is helpless too, and because the baby is loved, everyone feels the pain.

Unfortunately, however, teething is a rite of passage and something we must all go through. Consequently find a solution to help ease this difficult time is a benefit for child and parent alike.

Homeopathy has a number of remedies which can relieve the symptoms of teething. Here are the two most common remedies used:

Chamomilla 30c this is the best option if your baby is crying hard, and is cross, stroppy and irritable, when nothing you do seems to help. Often, one cheek will be red whilst the other is pale in colour.

Pulsatilla 30c choose this remedy if your baby is crying but instead of being bad-tempered, they are pitiful, miserable and clingy and wants to be held and comforted all the time. In this situation, cool, fresh air often helps them.

These remedies are only a guideline and there are other options too, so please consult your own homeopath for a more individualised therapy for your child. 

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This article was first published by the ARH in the December 2010 issue of the free newsletter, Homeopathy Healthy Medicine.

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