Monday, 26 November 2012

Homeopathy and Depression

Don’t be depressed – homeopathy is here to help

In a recent blog, the topic of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) was tackled, where sufferers experience episodes of depression during the winter months. This blog concentrates on classical depression which apparently affects 4.5% of all European citizens.

It is the most common reason why employees take time of work and is believed to cost the European economy, annually, over 100 billion Euros. The World Health Organisation, (WHO), expects it to become the second most common form of ill-health by 2020. 

No wonder, then, that depression is one of the conditions most commonly treated by Homeopaths.
There are several clear differences between SAD and classical depression. SAD is usually experienced during autumn or early winter and often lifts in spring and, as you might expect, the sufferer’s mood is directly influenced by daylight hours. SAD sufferers also have a tendency to sleep and eat more resulting in an increase in weight.

There is, in contrast, no obvious seasonal pattern with classical depression, with sufferers experiencing their symptoms throughout the year, irrespective of daylight. The  victims of classical depression often have difficulty sleeping, and loss of appetite and, as a consequence, weight remains the same or decreases. By contrast, other sufferers can experience an increase in appetite which may result in severe weight gain.

A survey, conducted at a university hospital outpatient clinic, questioned 1,783 patients regarding their reasons for using homeopathy. Depression was the most frequently treated condition. A significant improvement in health was experienced, through homeopathic treatment, by 63.6% of the depressed patients, while between 40-60% of depressed patients, using conventional treatment, re- lapsed.

So if you suffer from depression, why not book a consultation with a Homeopath. Go to, and 'Find a Homeopath'.

This article was first published by the ARH in the December 2010 issue of the free newsletter, Homeopathy Healthy Medicine.

The ARH regularly publish these newsletters to provide information about homeopathy to the public. This information is not usually available through our mainstream media which refuses to publish anything about Homeopathy. ARH makes the newsletters available to everyone as free downloads (go to, and they can be used for information, marketing and publicity purposes.

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