Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Starting College? Off to pastures new?

The summer draws to its close and the deck chairs are finally put away for another year. The month of September heralds the start of something new for many people, since it is attributed to the beginning of the academic year, with nearly everyone in the educational system readjusting to a new situation when they arrive back for the Autumn term. This often involves getting used to a new teacher, finding friends at a new school, deciding on course subjects for future qualifications, or even leaving home for the first time and embarking on University life.

The stress and anxiety is not confined to children and young adults. Many mothers have described themselves as nervous when sending their youngster to nursery school for the first time, with some feeling a constant worry whilst their off-spring are out of sight. We can’t advise you on how best to comfort a crying teenager, phoning you from the other side of the country, or how to just relax and accept that your toddler is really quite happy playing in the sandpit with their newly found friends. We can, however, suggest a few homeopathic remedies which may help to give you some peace of mind, so that everyone can enjoy the pastures new!

ü  Ignatia 30C– homesickness, grief, loss 
ü  Lycopodium 30C– lacking in self-confidence, better when organised by others, but not so good if expected to be independent 
ü  Pulsatilla 30C– clingy, dependent, finds it difficult to go alone, strong fear of abandonment, needs a lot of reassurance and support from family and friends 
ü  Silica 30C– shy and reserved, no self confidence, lacks 'grit'

These remedies are only intended as a guideline, so please consult with your own homeopath for individualised treatment. 

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This article was first published by the ARH in the Septemeber 2010 issue of 'Homeopathy Healthy Medicine'The ARH regularly publish these newsletters to provide information about homeopathy to the public that is not usually available through our mainstream media. ARH makes them available to everyone as free downloads (go, and they can be used for information, marketing and publicity purposes.

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