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How homeopathy cured Nadia Sawalha’s Eczema

During an interview in the Daily Mail’s health section on 29 May 2010, Nadia Sawalha, the former Eastenders’ actress and TV presenter of City Hospital and Living in the Sun, revealed how she put her scepticism aside and turned to homeopathy after conventional medical treatment had failed to help a severe bout of eczema.

Nadia explained that, after the birth of her first child, bumps on her fingers began to appear. The constant itching she endured caused the wounds to split open and weep which in turn became infected. The itching was so bad, at one point, that her hands bled and by her daughter's first birthday she was unable to pick her up. In describing the situation, Nadia said:

'Whenever I could, I'd hold my hands above my head to relieve the pain. If I let them hang down, the pain was intolerable. It felt like lead flowing into my hands'.

Nadia sought medical advice and was prescribed antibiotics for the inflammation, which did help to alleviate the problem, but only temporarily. She was compelled to visit casualty because her hands had become badly re-infected but was told there was no cure for eczema and so nothing could be done apart from dressing her hands.

Following advice from her sister, Nadia decided to visit a homeopath. Although openly sceptical about how this could help, she was prescribed homeopathic Mezereum, made from a Eurasian shrub extract traditionally used to heal skin complaints. When describing the effect, she says it was:

'Biblical'! Over the next forty-eight hours I watched as my skin renewed itself. To this day, if I'm stressed or frightened about something, my little finger will occasionally itch, but no more than that'.

Due to the success of the homeopathic treatment she received Nadia now regularly visits a homeopath herself and takes her two children for consultations every few weeks. Neither of her children has ever needed to visit a GP, nor have they had any childhood vaccinations.

This article was first published by the ARH in the September 2010 issue of 'Homeopathy Healthy Medicine'

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