Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Burns, Barbeques and Homeopathy

The predictions of an ‘Indian Summer’, having almost come true, some optimists have been encouraged to keep the barbecues out on the patio for a bit longer, ready to serve up a sausage or two, should the weather really hold.

It is not uncommon to receive a burn, whilst trying to produce the perfect banger, since barbecues don’t really provide the easiest method of cooking. 

If this happens try applying the homeopathic cream Urtica, Calendula or Hypercal generously to the affected area or, alternatively, use a cream containing a combination of all three of these remedies. 

For more severe burns which start to blister, take Cantharis 30 or Causticum 30 every half hour for up to six doses. 

Don’t forget to rehydrate your body with the fluid which it may have lost and in the case of severe burns seek medical help immediately!

(Homeopathy for Common Ailments by Robin Hayfield 

This article was first published by the ARH in the Septemeber 2011 issue 16 of 'Homeopathy Healthy Medicine'

The ARH regularly publish these newsletters to provide information about homeopathy to the public that is not usually available through our mainstream media. ARH makes them available to everyone as free downloads (go to www.a-r-h.org), and they can be used for information, marketing and publicity purposes.

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