Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Broken Bones and Homeopathy

Fractured Bones
At the beginning of the new academic year, it is common to observe the school playground peppered with slings, casts and crutches as children come back to school nursing an array of broken bones or other ailments, acquired during their active summer holiday.

It is essential that any fracture receives immediate medical attention and is properly set but once this has been done homeopathy can help to speed up the healing process. One of the following remedies may help to achieve this:

Calc phos – since calcium and phosphorus are the two main minerals needed for building healthy bones this remedy is particularly useful once the bone has properly knitted and can be given daily until fully healed. It may also be a useful remedy for individuals who have weak or brittle bones prone to fracture.

Symphytum – this was once commonly known as Knitbone and more commonly now as Comfrey. As the old name suggests, it can be beneficial to use this daily for two to three weeks after setting, to help the bone knit back together

In addition, if you happen to be near your homeopathic medicine cabinet at the time of the break, take Arnica for the immediate bruising and shock.

(Homeopathy for Common Ailments by Robin Hayfield)

This article was first published by the ARH in the Septemeber 2011 issue 16 of 'Homeopathy Healthy Medicine'

The ARH regularly publish these newsletters to provide information about homeopathy to the public that is not usually available through our mainstream media. ARH makes them available to everyone as free downloads (go to www.a-r-h.org), and they can be used for information, marketing and publicity purposes.

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