Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How Homeopathy can help with Sports Anxiety

It has long been acknowledged that a competitor’s state of mind plays a large part in the winning of a race or game, and that it is as important as their physical aptitude. This is especially true when competing sportsmen or women have skills and abilities on such a similar par, that there is little to differentiate between them, apart from their mental attitude.

Whether you are the sprinter Usain Bolt, trying to break another world record, or a primary school-child entering your first sports day event, keeping a positive mental attitude can often make the difference between first place or no place at all. Since anxiety is one of the greatest mental hindrances for professionals within the sports industry, below is a list of some useful remedies which may to help keep your nerves under control and abate the understandable anxiety you will probably be feeling before an important race or match. In addition, these homeopathic medicines can also be used on the sidelines by restless, anxious parents!

It is suggested that you take one tablet in the 30C potency every 15 minutes, for up to six doses. If the anxiety symptomes still persist after that time, then you need to consider if another remedy would be more appropriate.

Aconite – you may have a nightmare feeling deep inside, and feel a sense of real terror about the forthcoming event/race/match
Arg Nit – there’s a feeling of anxiousness rather than terror and you have a sense of not being able to go through with the event 
Gelsemium – you have severe anticipatory fears which are often visible in the form of physical shaking and trembling
Lycopodium – there’s a lack of self-confidence and you are constantly worrying
Nat Mur – consolation offered to the anxiety sufferer makes the situation worse, whereas standing out in the open air may help

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