Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Homeopathic 'must haves' for any Olympian - or Sportsman or Sportswoman

With a summer packed full of sporting events, from the Euro 2012 to Wimbledon, Ascot, the British Grand Prix, and both the Olympics and Paralympics, sporting prowess will be on show at every turn! 

And if all the media coverage of these events, combined with the offers that many gyms and sporting venues are using to entice new clients, inspires you to take up a new sport, we have compiled a basic list of homeopathic medicines which may come in handy when you’re starting out.

Arnica - eases bruising and soreness
Bryonia - useful for torn/damaged ligaments or tendons, especially if the least movement is excruciating
Ledum - if the injury is purple and feels cold to touch
Rhus Tox helpful for muscle strain, worse on first movement, better for continued movement, better for warmth
Ruta - particularly good for tennis elbow, use when bones feel bruised

In addition to the above remedies, the pain of sprains may either be eased by hot baths and applying warmth to the vulnerable area, or the opposite, by the application of an ice pack to reduce swelling. 

Resting sore muscles and tendons is also advisable. 

In the event of suspected dislocation, seek professional help immediately, though firm bandaging may help to alleviate the pain whilst you wait.

As everyone knows, prevention is always better than cure, so make sure that you warm up before undertaking any exercise and warm down after. Try to gradually build up your tolerance for any new sport by partaking in your chosen exercise in small, short bursts at the beginning and increasing slowly as you go along. 

Although this seems obvious, it is believed that the majority of amateur sporting injuries are because of over exertion too quickly, so take note from the misfortune of others!

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