Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Homeopathy Heals (3) Ill? Allow homeopathy to help!

If you are ill, and it does not matter how the illness has been diagnosed, homeopathy can help you. This article explains how it does so - by treating the individual, and his/her symptoms rather than a conventionally diagnosed 'disease'. 

All that is necessary is to find a remedy that matches your symptoms, and it will work. Sometime, in 'first-aid' situations, this can be quite simple - it is something you can try for yourself. In more complex illness the patient will need the expertise of a homeopath.

In this week's 'Homeopathy Heals' I am drawing attention to a series of internet articles that demonstrate the wide range of illnesses that homeopathy can heal!

Vertigo (dizziness). Some simple remedies suggested for common types of vertigo.

Headaches. Several remedy suggestions, with short remedy pictures, in this article

Tetanus. Always have some Ledum around, in case of cuts and grazes.

Chicken Pox. Some sensible non-drug strategies for coping with this illness. Carbo Veg is a homeopathic remedy that can be used when suffering from chicken pox - see a homeopath if it does not ease the condition.

Croup. Some major remedies, with symptom pictures, suggested here.

Nausea and Motion Sickness. Several first-aid remedy suggestions here, with brief symptom pictures.

Sleep disorders. Remedy suggestions here, and remedy descriptions.

Cystitis (bladder infections). Several remedies suggested here, but consult a homeopath if it persists, or is a regular occurance.

Genital Warts.

Gout. Four remedies suggested here - but if condition is chronic, it is advisable to consult a homeopath.

Fibromyalgia. An article by a homeopath who has researched the condition, and treated many cases.

Angina. Not an illness for homeopathic self-prescribing, but some sensible non-drug suggestions and alternative remedies and strategies to cope with the condition.

Heart Problems. Look at this article and video to see what can be achieved

Homeopathy is becoming increasingly popular as many people are now looking for 'non-drug' alternatives to conventional medicine, dominated as it is by Big Pharma drugs.

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  1. Wow. So dizziness is treated independent of the cause? Say, having a hangover, Morbus Meniere and a brain tumour can be treated with the same agent? Amazing.


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