Monday, 5 December 2011

Healthy Medicine (6) Homeopathy just keeps on being successful

Homeopathy is effective - according to an exhaustive Swiss Federal study conducted over the last 6 years. The full report, in English, is yet to be published, but the summary shows it to be a very positive report for Homeopathy, and will ensure that Swiss patients continue to have access to homeopathy through their State Health Insurance scheme. The ARH plans to report more fully on this in its next edition of its journal, 'Homeopathy in Practice', but it's conclusion can hardly be clearer.

“... we have established that there is sufficient supporting evidence for the pre-clinical (experimental) as well as clinical effects of homeopathy, and that in absolute terms, as well as when compared to conventional therapies, it offers a safe and cost-effective treatment.”

For those people who have used homeopathy this will come as no surprise. But it is good news for the homeopathic community, which has been under attack from the vested interests of Big Pharma for so long now. And evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy continue to appear on the internet.

Despite constant attacks on the NHS Homeopathy Hospital's in the UK, they continue to flourish - where they are allowed to do so, of course. This is a recent report on the progress being made in the Glasgow hospital. It is clear that despite attempts by the ConMed dominated NHS, patients who use these services value having the choice of homeopathy for their personal treatment.

Indeed, tales of the efficacy and safety of homeopathy continue to appear on the internet (but not regrettably in our mainstream media, of course!)

Have a look, for instance, at Angie's story, her battle with chronic infections, and the cure she found with homeopathy.

Or this remarkable story, of a filmmaker who contracted MRSA, was treated by ConMed without effect (the condition actually got seriously worse); and who was eventually cured by homeopathy - right in front of his cameras!

More generally, the efficacy of homeopathy for flu is discussed in this article. Quite rightly it looks at one of the main reasons a growing number of people are looking for safer, and more effective alternatives to vaccination, and the poisons, like mercury and aluminium, they contain. Vitamin D is also offered as a better alternative.

The popularity of Homeopathy in India just escalates, and really is quite remarkable. This article shows how Sri Lanka is now trying to use India's success to spread the message to its people. This is, of course, what happens in countries that seek good medical outcomes for its patients, and are not held hostage by large, influential and profitable drug companies.

Homeopathy is a very attractive therapy in many parts of the world, not only because Big Pharma interests are not as strong, but because it is a less expensive (as well as a more effective). For instance, this article describes some work currently being done in Ghana, and outlines several cases that have been managed with homeopathy.

And homeopathy is also proving helpful in some parts of the world that has to deal with problems ConMed has no answer to, and where there is no profit for them doing so. Following the incredible success of homeopathy with Leptospirosis in Cuba, the treatment of Dengue Fever with homeopathy is now showing quite amazing results.

Homeopathy is a very simple therapy, and a very responsive one. The principle of treating 'like with like' means that it can quickly turn its hand to even the most uncommon of diseases. For instance, not many of us know what 'chikungunya' is! But clearly homeopathy can treat is successfully!

What all this means is that alongside the growing failure of Big Pharma and its drug treatments,

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