Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Homeopathy for Hay Fever

Looking forward to dry, sunny days? Maybe not - if you suffer from hay fever.

It is estimated that a fifth of the population dread this time of year because they suffer from hay fever or similar allergies . They can expect to experience a range of respiratory disorders, together with sneezing, itchiness and watery eyes.

Hay fever is an allergy where the immune system of sufferers overreacts to pollen and spores. It usually occurs throughout spring and summer, when pollen and spore counts from trees, plants, grasses, fungi and moulds are at their highest. When the body comes into contact with pollen, the lining of the nose, mouth and eyes release a chemical called histamine which causes an allergic

We asked our members to recommend some of the homeopathic remedies their patients most frequently found useful for the treatment of hay fever. Here is a brief list of remedies, which includes some of the key prescribing symptoms.

Please note this is only intended as a guideline. It is recommended that you consult with a registered homeopath in order to receive an appropriately individualised prescription.

Allium Cepa 30C
Dripping nose with burning discharge, violent sneezing, stinging, watery eyes.

Arsenicum Album 30C
Ssneezes because of tickling feeling in nose, burning sensation in eyes, nose and throat,
discharges may be acrid.

Euphrasia 30C
Eyes the biggest problem, with itchy and dry eyes, and burning discharge. Tickling cough, intense
sneezing, runny nose with bland discharge.

Pulsatilla 30C
Bland watery nose and eyes, worse in the heat, eyes itch and feel gritty, and may produce yellowy
discharge. Lots of sneezing.

Sabadilla 30C
Constant , maddening tingling in nose, burning and redness of eyes, sneezing provokes tears.
Eyes watery and burn.

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