Friday 18 January 2013

Vaccine Free. 111 Stories of Unvaccinated Children

Andreas Bachmair is a German homeopath living in Switzerland, and calls this ‘an informal piece of personal research’. He established a website focused on vaccination which, 10 years later, was translated into English as Through this, 15000 people from all over the world filled in questionnaires to take part in a large-scale survey about health and vaccines, and health without vaccines.

The book is made up of people’s own comments and observations told in their own words. As such I find it a useful addition to the more medical books that are available. Rather than being statistics based it is very human. It is a pooling of experience and wisdom from the real world of families and their lives in their communities.

One mother says (p152), 

"As a speech and language pathologist in the pediatric setting I have seen many cases of children having seizures within 36-72 hours following routine vaccinations with a traumatic regression in the child’s brain and language and overall development".

From her research another reports Dr W Sears in the US saying that the AMA states that 25 micrograms is the maximum recommended exposure to aluminium for an infant but that the Hep B vaccine routinely given to newborns contains 250 micrograms -1000% more.

There are many instances of parents describing how much research they undertook and how very pleased they are to have healthy thriving children. Many recommend others to look into both sides of the argument. No parent has regretted his or her personal decision.

I think there is real value in this style of book about subjects such as vaccination where parents can feel, and often are, isolated if they choose to do something other than follow the mainstream path. It is a sharing of thoughts and feelings – describing how it is for the people writing. Not ‘you should’ but ‘we did’.

Whilst many of the contributions are from the parents of younger children, particularly striking to me were the families where 2 or 3 generations were vaccine-free (and often used very little conventional medicine at all). It seemed to suit them! It will be interesting to read about the younger families as their children grow up.

Andreas says "Whether you choose to vaccinate is and should solidly remain your own personal decision" and this book is clear and easy reading which makes it, I think, an especially suitable book for expecting and new parents who are faced with this decision about their children’s well being.

Margaret Haynes BSc Hom 
Member of The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
Naturopathic Nutritionist
CEASE Therapist

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