Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Homeopathy successfully treats a case of acute Mastitis

Tiddles, my German Shepherd, gave birth to seven healthy pups without any problems,. Everything seemed fine. So, when on day five after whelping she was reluctant to come out for her ' comfort walk', and refused her food, I was worried.

I immediately rushed her off to the vet, who gave her a thorough examination, and suggested that maybe she was suffering from eclampsia, a condition which results from a shortage of calcium in the blood. Tiddles was certainly feeding her pups well, so I agreed that an injection of calcium was worth a try. 

However, by the next morning Tiddles was in a worse state. She was very reluctant to move, and I suspected that she was in pain. Before rushing off to the vet again I decided to check her over myself, and I then realised that one very full mammary gland on her right hand side was hot, swollen and hard. I immediately concluded that she had mastitis. 

There are a number of homeopathic remedies which can help to treat the symptoms of this unpleasant condition, but I decided to start by trying Apis Melifica, a remedy made from the venom of the honey bee. 

The prescribing symptoms I used to arrive at this remedy were heat, swelling, redness, hardening, and extreme sensitivity to touch (very similar to the symptoms you might experience if you're stung by a bee). 

I gave her one Apis 200. When I checked up on her just one hour later, she leapt out of her whelping bed, demanded that I took her on a walk immediately, and on our return, wolfed down the food I offered her. The swelling in her mammary gland had almost gone completely, it was normal blood temperature, and she was no longer touch sensitive. A little hardness still remained, but since Tiddles seemed to be back to normal, I just kept an eye on the situation, and did not need to prescribe her anything else. This experience just served to remind me that when the correct homeopathic remedy is prescribed, the results can be totally amazing!

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