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The Health Debate (2) The effectiveness of Big Pharma drugs

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So what are the elements of the health debate that the mainstream media is refusing to consider, and almost entirely ignoring? What are the questions that an open, honest and 'free' media should be informing us, and asking searching questions about?
The first question that the Media should be researching and discussing with the public concerns the the effectiveness of Big Pharma drugs, and ConMeds claims for them.

Drug Effectiveness
  • Why are there so many ‘good news’ stories coming from the Conventional Medical (ConMed) Establishment? And why is the Media happy merely to slavishly report Big Pharma news releases without serious question. Indeed, why does the Media continually fail to question how realistic, or how honest ConMed's claims are for its drugs and treatments?
  • What is known about the effectiveness of current Big Pharma drugs, and other ConMed treatments, being prescribed to us, in ever-increasing amounts, through our GPs, and the National Health Service (NHS)? Why is research that raises questions about drug effectiveness is routinely ignored by the Media?
  • Are the claims for ConMed drugs and treatments reflected in real patient outcomes? And If such treatments are as effective as the Media is happy to report them to be, why should the levels of chronic disease continue to increase in such epidemic proportions in this country?
  • Why are so many ConMed drugs eventually found to be ineffective, although usually only after being prescribed to patients for many years, often at great expense to the public purse? 
  • Why does the Media not ask why Drug Testing procedures, and the statutory process of Drug Regulation, both regularly fail to discover that pharmaceutical drugs are ineffective, and why are they apparently unable to do so before the drugs were introduced and marketed?
  • Why is it that the Media is content, regularly, to report Big Pharma propaganda concerning new 'medical breakthroughs' that promise effective new drugs - in 5, 10, or even 15 years time? And why does the Media not ask what has happened to the medical breakthroughs, and ‘effective’ drugs, announced 5, 10 and 15 years ago?
  • Why, if Big Pharma drugs are so successful in treating illness and disease, has there been epidemic increases in a wide variety of chronic disease (Arthritis, Heart disease, Alzheimers, Autism, Depression, et al) during the past 50-60 years?
  • Why does the Media not tell us when ConMed drugs and treatments, during their lifetime, are reported to be failing. Indeed, why does the Media often fail to tell us about the failure of ConMed treatments when they are found to be useless, and are withdrawn?
  • If ConMed treatment cannot deal with disease effectively, what can alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, offer patients for treating their illnesses and diseases. How effective are these alternative treatments, especially when outcomes are compared with ConMed drug treatment?
These issues are regularly raised in this blog, and indeed, elsewhere on the internet, and in magazines such as 'What Doctors Don't Tell You'. 

However, they are rarely, if ever raised or discussed within the mainstream media

The third part of this series will focus on the safety of Big Pharma drugs, and other forms of ConMed treatment. Whilst the effectiveness of treatment is crucial, the safety of treatment is more important. Ineffective treatment raises hopes, and wastes out time. It also costs the country vast sums of money. But if medical treatment is also unsafe, it it causes illness and disease, if it can actually lead to death, then this is even more serious, and the failure of the Media to tell us, more shameful. Part Three will be published soon.

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