Thursday, 26 January 2012

Healthy Medicine (8)

This blog has put together another long list of articles that give testimony to the effectiveness and safety of homeopathy as a medical therapy. And once again it demonstrates the wealth of information available on the internet on homeopathy, how an increasing amount of science now supports it, and the way it has helped individual patients suffering from a variety of conditions.

Allergies and Hay fever. The season is almost upon us - and it is wise to get homeopathic help as early as possible. A more detailed article can  be found here.

Weight loss and homeopathy.  In homeopathy, it is not just as simple. as just 'popping' a pill; but this article suggests "several homeopathic remedies used for stimulating the body to heal itself in the direction of alleviating obbese tendences". And here are some more suggestions for 'home' remedies.

Pain relief and homeopathy. A more permanent solution?

Ankylosing Spondylitis and homeopathy. Again, more here than just taking remedies!

Respiratory and ear complaints. Homeopathy found to be faster acting, safer, and just as effective as ConMed treatment. And this is an article on respiratory disease written by a homeopathic doctor.

Athletes Foot and homeopathy. Some remedy suggestions here.

MRSA and Homeopathy. No remedy suggestions here, but some pointers for why it might be good to use homeopathy.

Sports injuries and homeopathy. Speed up recovery time - a bonus for all sportsmen. Well, David Beckham knows it works.

The Menopause and homeopathy. Well, it is certainly safer than conventional drugs like HRT!

Chronic Fatigue, ME, and homeopathy. More to offer than conventional drugs?

A Case of Diabetes, treated with homeopathy.

Homeopathy for healthy gums and teeth.

Homeopathy for diseases of the eye.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Colitis, Crohns.

So if you are unwell, and you are looking for safe treatment, homeopathy is a possibility for you.

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