Monday, 7 November 2011

Healthy Medicine (3)

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Why is homeopathy increasingly popular? Well, there are many reason. The core reason is that homeopathy is both safe to use, and (with the right remedy) effective with any ailment or disease. In fact, an increasing number of people are buying over-the-counter remedies, as this article shows. And this brings in a third reason - homeopathy is not expensive.

Homeopathy cures where Allopathy fails. Are you being treated with conventional medicine, have been for years, and you are no better? Many people turn to homeopathy at this point of their lives.....

Homeopathy is helpful for a whole range of conditions - read these articles

Homeopathy and the treatment of women during Menopause. Look at this article, to see why homeopathy is both safer, and more effective than conventional treatment - especially HRT treatment.

Homeopathy and Bedwetting. This article explains the background to the problem, and provides information on some of the remedies that can be used for the condition.

And for incontinence more generally, a wider approach can be found here.

Homeopathy and Claustrophobia.

Homeopathy and Influenza (flu).

Homeopathy and Epilepsy - a personal story.

Homeopathy, digestion and constipation. Another personal story.

And some practical thoughts on practising homeopathy with animals.

Blockages in Homeopathy. Have you ever wondered why homeopathic remedies do not always work? The concept of 'blockage' is widely discussed within the homeopathic community, and is usefully explained in this article.

And finally, an interview with two of homeopathy's living greats - first, Robin Murphy. And second, Miranda Castro (and in particular the cream she uses for scars and keloids). Find out in these two articles just what learning, expertise, experience and thought goes into the homeopathy profession.

Is there a homeopath living near you? Go to this link if you want to find a professional registered homeopath who practices near you.

Steve Scrutton
Director, Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

Please note that the view expressed in the articles featured are not necessarily the views of ARH.

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