Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Homeopathy for Livestock

"Homeopathy at Wellie Level" is a group for farmers. It began when a group of farmers, homoeopaths and homeopathic vets realised they had a common concern about the lack of support offered to farmers who want to use homoeopathy on their farm.

They decided the best support was a basic, properly constructed, teaching course that would introduce the farmer to the subject as a whole, giving the student the building blocks of knowledge and confidence. After this they decided to offer what they called "lego days" when students could return to discuss specific problems and advance their understanding of this complex and fascinating subject.

For more information, look at their website, http://www.hawl.co.uk/homoeopathic-vets/. In particular, have a look at the 'testimonials' left by farmers who have found homeopathy to be helpful to their business, and of course, their livestock.

Homeopathy for animals is, of course, an important area for the development of homeopathy. Animals don't lie (not that anyone treated successfully with homeopathy needs to 'lie' - but our detractors often accuse us of doing so) and when homeopathic remedies overcome sickness and disease in farm animals, the impact cannot be explained away as 'placebo'.

And for farmers, of course, it gives them access to an entirely safe, very inexpensive, and highly effective method of treating their animals.

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