Friday, 1 July 2011

Homeopathy Research

On 17th May 2011, MP David Tredinnick sponsored a reception at the House of Commons for the Homeopathy Research Institute. The event focused on placing homeopathy research on the national agenda, as a important and necessary field of scientific enquiry. The event was attended by over 150 guests, including MPs, Peers, academics, representatives of the homeopathic profession, as well as conventional healthcare providers from the NHS.

The HRI were launching a fundraising appeal for £2 million by 2013, which will be dedicated to funding key scientific research into homeopathy.

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  1. I am interested about this :
    * Heinsenbergův uncertainty principle.
    * Homeopathy unfolds :
    ....* According to S. Hahnemana
    ....* Or according to Jung?
    * You think that nanotechnology approaches multidimensional space science?
    * To what degree of wholeness?


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